Lee Mingwei’s Seven Stories will feature seven different projects by this internationally acclaimed Paris/New York-based Taiwanese-American artist. Lee’s oeuvre revolves around concepts of community and exchange, with his works often relying on the audience’s active participation. Exploring ideas such as trust, intimacy, and self-awareness, his installations and performances can invoke profound experiences through quotidian activities such as eating or sleeping.

Guernica in Sand (2006 – ongoing), a large-scale installation based on Picasso’s painting Guernica (1937) and made of locally sourced colored sands, will be one of the highlights of this exhibition. Constructed with a team of volunteers over the course of three weeks, the work will be ceremoniously transformed mid-point in the exhibition as audience members are invited to walk on the sand while the artist completes the unfinished section of the sand painting. At sunset during the day of performance, after the last audience member has walked on the sand, Lee and three performers will sweep the sand, and the project will be left in this condition until the end of the exhibition.

Museum MACAN hosts an open audition for singers and dancers to perform two of Lee Mingwei’s works: Sonic Blossom and Our Labyrinth. Interested performers can sign up for the audition below:

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(image: Guernica in Sand, 2006/2015, mixed media interactive installation. Photo courtesy of Taipei Fine Arts Museum)

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