Gatot Indrajati has turned the Children’s Art Space into a tinkering box — a factory of creativity filled with deconstructed ‘machines’. Using cardboard and timber offcuts, the audience is invited to use their imagination and make something new using the objects in front of them. The Tinkering Box encourages ‘tinkering’ where a broken object is mended or remodeled instead of being thrown away for something new.

Since the manufacturing boom in Indonesia, which began in the late 1960s, a culture of consumption has increasingly been embedded in our society. Buying new products rather than fixing old things has become the norm. Through the act of ‘tinkering’ Gatot reminds us of the valuable and rewarding process of making and, on a larger scale, its contribution to environmental sustainability. 




Gatot Indrajati

Born in 1980 in Bogor, Gatot currently works and resides in Yogyakarta. His practice mainly revolves around the use of wood as the medium across painting, sculpture and installation.


Education at Museum MACAN


Education is a core mission of Museum MACAN. We offer a variety of programs catering to the different needs of our visitors, these programs relate to the art on view and change regularly. We are committed to making art accessible to the wider public, especially young people and children. Partnering with local schools, we provide educational resource materials for teachers to help engage their students with art beyond the walls of our museum.

We are also committed to help develop a healthy art ecology and landscape for art in Indonesia through internship opportunities and other education and training for young professionals that supports the development of artistic, curatorial, and professional museum practices in Indonesia.


Education Program

Educators Forum

Our Educator’s Forum is a recurring gathering of teachers and a vital platform for discussions that center on teaching art in the classroom. This group meets twice a year to see and discuss our exhibitions, with behind the scenes access to curators, artists, and the Museum’s collection. These events are free and open to educators across Jakarta and Indonesia. Interested teachers should contact our Education department at education@museummacan.org

School Visit

We have a program catered to school visits and welcome enquiries from teachers. Class visits must be booked in advance and our Education department can assist in providing information to help you plan. If you are interested in arranging a visit for your class, please contact our Education department at education@museummacan.org or join our newsletter for regular updates.

Education Resource Kit

We provide specialized information for teachers to support positive and enriching educational experiences for students. Download the Education Resource Kit for YAYOI KUSAMA: Life is the Heart of a Rainbow via this link. For information about any of our education programs, please contact our Education department at education@museummacan.org or join our newsletter for regular updates.

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