Floating Garden, an installation by Entang Wiharso, invites children to think about nature as a part of their everyday life. Using a sheet of paper and colored pencils, children will rub against the artworks to reveal a secret world of plants and animals. Combining images of birds, monkeys,  owers and people, children can unlock the secret gardens of their imagination in an artwork that they can wear home.

The artist, Entang Wiharso, encourages us to imagine our surroundings differently. Even living in cities nature plays an important role in our lives. How are plants and animals part of your everyday life? What can you do to take care of the natural world around you?

In the effort to produce more, we often fail to realize the disruption we make to the environment around us. Land becomes scarce. We became surrounded by less greenery and the environment is changed in order to accommodate human demands.

How will you imagine your own floating garden?




Entang Wiharso

Born in 1967 in Tegal, Indonesia, Entang lives and works between Rhode Island, United States and Yogyakarta, Indonesia. His practice incorporates painting, sculptures and installation. He makes wall reliefs using aluminum, which combine figures, object and sometimes words, his works spark surrealistic encounters, full of symbolic meaning. Entang studied Painting at the Indonesian Institute of Arts, Yogyakarta, Indonesia, and has participated in numerous prestigious biennales and solo presentations throughout Asia, Europe and the United States. 



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