About the Museum

The Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art in Nusantara (Museum MACAN) is an art museum in Jakarta. It provides public access to a significant and growing collection of modern and contemporary art from Indonesia and around the world. The Museum has an active program of exhibitions and events in a 7,100 square meter facility including onsite education and conservation spaces.


Dedicated to supporting interdisciplinary education and cultural exchange, the institution offers a wide variety of public programs, and a dynamic exhibition program. As part of its mission, the Museum will be an important platform for local and international artists to present their work to a global audience, and will commission new works by artists that broaden perspectives on contemporary art in and beyond Indonesia. Museum MACAN will also offer professional development opportunities for artists, curators, and other arts-focused young professionals to help build upon the energy of Indonesia's vibrant arts ecology.


Venus Lau

Director, Museum MACAN

Lau joined Museum MACAN in 2024, armed with a wealth of experience from Hong Kong and Greater China. Prior to joining Museum MACAN, she held roles as Artistic Director of the K11 Art Foundation, and as Art Strategic Director of the Modern (Meta) Media Group based in Shanghai which owns multiple cultural platforms including Nowness, Art Review and Numero Art China.

She has solid experiences in writing and curating. Her passion for creating cross-disciplinary dialogues in contemporary art is highlighted through exhibitions that speak to the visual zeitgeist and promises to lend a different perspective to the museum’s direction and drive, as a key institutional pillar in the regional art ecosystem.

Fenessa Adikoesoemo

Chairwoman, Museum MACAN Foundation

Fenessa chairs the Museum MACAN Foundation, a not-for-profit organization that focuses on education through art. Its first initiative is the Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art in Nusantara (Museum MACAN) in Jakarta, Indonesia. In this role, Fenessa focuses on developing the Museum and ensuring that its public programs are sustainable while the exhibitions relevant to the regional public.

Fenessa was a fellow at the Hirshhorn Museum in Washington DC, where she worked closely with museum leadership across departments as part of her research on museum management and strategy. She was also a fellow at The Guggenheim, New York, where she proceeded to sit on the Collections' Council of the leading art institution. Besides her work in the arts, Fenessa is currently a Management Trainee at AKR Land Development, her workplace since 2014. She graduated as a Bachelor of Commerce from University of Melbourne.

Haryanto Adikoesoemo

Founder, Museum MACAN

Born in 1962 in Surabaya, Indonesia, Haryanto Adikoesoemo is the President Director of PT AKR Corporindo Tbk, a publicly listed logistics company in Jakarta, Indonesia. Last year Haryanto was appointed to the Board of Trustees of the Hirshhorn Museum and Sculpture Garden in Washington, D.C. He was named as CEO of the Year by Koran Bisnis Indonesia in 2005. He was named Entrepreneur of the Year by Ernst & Young LLP in 2008, and Businessman of the Year by Forbes Indonesia in 2012. As a collector, Haryanto had been developing his collection for 25 years into one of the most significant collection in Indonesia, starting from the early Indonesia modern art until modern and contemporary art throughout the world. At the recent Award for Authenticity, Leadership, Excellence, Quality, Seriousness in Art held in Jakarta in August 2017, Haryanto was presented with the Best Collector, along with 12 other prominent Indonesian players in the art scene.

Structure & Team

Deputy Director & Operation
Cindy Tan

Curatorial & Collection
Asri Winata, Assistant Curator
Aditya Lingga, Assistant Curator
Irene Swastiwi Viandari Kharti, Registrar

Education & Public Programs
Nin Djani, Curator of Education and Public Programs
Andika Devara Loeis, Education & Public Programs Coordinator
Ade R. Hanif, School Relations Officer
Haikal Al Farisi, Public Programs and Digital Content Producer
Narrel Amara, Education & Community Officer

Exhibition Management
Dian Ina Mahendra, Head of Exhibition Management
Ipar Diaz Suparlan, Art Packer & Handler
Anna Josefin Wiguna, Exhibition Assistant

Visitor Services & Facilities
Irvan Maulana, Facilities & Operations Assistant
Wibowo Basuki, Facilities Supervisor
Saiful Purwanto, Facilities Staff
Adam Priadi, Visitor Services Officer 
Muhammad Rochib, Visitor Services Officer 
Priscillya Monica Kapahang, Visitor Services Officer
Hendra Setiawan, Visitor Services Officer 
Albertus Noviano, Visitor Services Officer
Nosen Karol, Visitor Services Officer
Romi Fazrin Nur Sidik, Visitor Services Officer
Dara Ninggar Sauvika, Visitor Services Officer
Pradipta Berliana Savitri, Visitor Services Officer

Amalia Wirjono, Head of Development
Joy Abraham, Development Assistant Manager
Kinanti Danastri Ekasari, Grant and Partnership Officer
Olla Mazaya Alamsyah, Development Officer
Rafi Dafari, Development Officer

Margaretha Untoro, Head of Communications
Liviani Eka Putri, Media and Publicity Coordinator
Nadia Vetta Hamid, Marketing, Social Media, and Website Coordinator
Elma Yolanda, Marketing, Social Media, and Website Staff

Astari Wisesa, Head of Design
Sonya Putri Ramadhaniar, Senior Graphic Designer
Hasabi Tiyas Handojo, Graphic Designer
Tafarrel Hakim Tohir, Graphic Designer

Museum Security
Musnaedi, Security
Mansyur Hasan, Security
Imam Birawan, Security
Vita Susanti, Security
Cecep Wahyudi, Security
Muamar Khadafi, Security
Acim Asmadi, Security
Ahmad Dainuri, Security
Fastoni, Security
Ubaidillah, Security
Darsono, Security
Kanaim, Security
Daryanto, Security
Seto Fedi Fahyudin, Security
Fajar Fitri Yunianto, Security
Acep Samsudin, Security
Andhika, Security
Suharso, Security
Eny Setyarini, Security

Angela Marvella Perwirasari, Secretary

Human Resources
Venny, HR Manager
Pagalita Jansa, HR Assistant

Finance & Accounting
Hanna Kartika Simamora, Finance, Accounting & Tax Manager
Reni Federicha, Finance Supervisor
Silaturachmi, Finance & Accounting Staff
Damyati, General Admin Accounting

Maria Christina, Purchasing Manager

PT Galleri Museum MACAN
Kemal Ramdiansyah, Retail & Business Development Manager
Dewi Puji Astuti, Merchandiser Staff
Fajri Maulana Abdullah, Events Manager
Kirey Aulia Jingga Nugraha, Venue & Event Marketing Manager
Samsul Hari Budiman, Shop Attendant
Adinda Maulida Hapsary, Shop Attendant

Christy Yanuar, Legal Supervisor

Supriatin, Office Helper
Awal Ramdhani, Driver

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