Children's Art Space

Rega Ayundya Putri: Fauna Wastopia

Museum MACAN presents Fauna Wastopia, a Children’s Art Space commission by Indonesian artist Rega Ayundya Putri.


About the Artist

Rega Ayundya Putri (b. Indonesia, 1988) makes large-scaled works through her intricate ballpoint drawings on paper. The artist describes her drawing practice as a form of escapism—a deliberate channeling of the turbulent currents that surge within her mind in an effort to create a personal space to breathe and stand against the noise of a tumultuous, contemporary culture. Her recent research tackles the topics of speculative fiction, presenting a collection of drawings of animals in the dystopian future that have undergone mutation as a result of environmental degradation.

Rega graduated from her Master’s Degree in Fine Art in the Faculty of Art and Design at Institut Teknologi Bandung in 2017. Rega’s recent exhibitions include solo exhibitions, Phosphene, Omni Space, Bandung (2018); Debu, Can’s Gallery, Jakarta (2020); and group shows Asian Students and Young Artist Art Festival in Seoul, South Korea (2017); Kompetisi Trimatra Salihara, Galeri Salihara, Jakarta (2019); and the recent one, Nobody Knows Their Story, Koganecho Area Management Center, Yokohama, Japan (2023) where she participated in their art residency program. She now lives and works as a lecturer in Bandung, Indonesia.

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